We supply a wide variety of thermocouple products from a variety of manufactures.  Many popular items are in our stock.  Custom items can be delivered as quickly as 24 hours.  Our sales staff excels at working with customers to specify the exact sensor for your most demanding applications.

Key Benefits

  • Popular items are on the shelf
  • Custom items in as little as 24 hours
  • Knowledgeable sales staff

Request a Quotation:  Email with your particular needs.

Routine Thermocouple Replacement Service

With today's emphasis on quality assurance, calibration, and ISO compliance, there's a high emphasis on making sure your process is running at the right temperature. If your auditor or heat treat specification calls for routine sensor replacement, call Illiana.

You know that thermocouples wear out over time. We've developed a program to help you reduce the amount of downtime you spend on emergencies and maintenance. We'll inventory your thermocouple applications, and make recommendations for a routine replacement program. Read more about our Routine Thermocouple Replacement Service here. (30K .PDF)