Allen-Bradley PLC Installation

  • Allen-Bradley PLC 5/20 System
  • Plantwide Control
  • Intellution Man-Machine Interface (MMI)
  • Touch Screen
  • Illiana Turnkey Solution
  • Union Installed

From programming to engineering, to mounting in a panel, ready to be installed the moment it arrives at your plant. Illiana does it all!

A local manufacturer asked Illiana to help build the control system that cools the water on four mixing tanks. The control system starts and stops the chillers. It also monitors and controls all the water pumps and system pressures. It monitors the individual mixer temperatures, motor currents, and cooling water flow rates.

Illiana worked with the customer and a local union contractor to get this system programmed and installed. The control system, featuring an Allen-Bradley PLC 5/20 was designed and built completely in-house by Illiana.

The primary operator interface is via a Dynapro touch screen monitor running Intellution MMI software. This gives operators access to real-time conditions and all historical data. The MMI is capable of reviewing and printing reports, and the data is shared on the plant network.

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