Honeywell Minitrend Recorder Installation a Turnkey Success

A local specialties metal coater needed a solution for monitoring 27 oven temperatures throughout his facility. Working with our Lesman partner, we provided a quotation for instrumentation (recorders, thermocouples, and wire), panel work, conduit and wiring installation, plus integration with an Illiana-supplied computer system.

We installed the Honeywell Minitrend v5 paperless recorders into a panel. We then installed 2000 feet of conduit, and pulled approximately 6,000 feet of thermocouple wire throughout the four-building facility. We installed several new thermocouples into ovens, and tied into existing thermocouples on other ovens.

With this system, the customer can now view all of his temperatures from a single location. All information is logged to disk on both the Minitrend recorders and on the computer, which runs Honeywell's TrendServer Pro software. Historical data can be reviewed easily, and printed quickly and efficiently as needed.

For more information, e-mail Illiana's lead technician.


Shown here: Inside and closed panel views of a pair of Honeywell Minitrend recorders, as well as the computer system running Honeywell TrendServer Pro management software.

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