Illiana Installs MSA 5600 Monitoring System with Ultima X LEL Sensors

Illiana has recently completed a successful installation of a lower explosive limit monitoring system at a local facility.

The customer manufactures heat-activated printing ribbons. The process involves applying a solvent-based ink to a file ribbon, running the ribbon through a drying oven, and recoiling it.

The MSA system we installed features nine duct-mounted Ultima X infrared LEL sensors and a Model 5600 monitoring system. By mounting the sensors directly in the duct, we were able to shorten response times (as compared to a sample draw system).

Our installation job included cutting holes in the ductwork to mount the Ultima sensors. All sensor wiring was run back to the Model 5600 panel in 1" rigid conduit. Pouring bodies and special flex couplings were used in all classified areas.

The Ultima monitors and the 5600 control panel were centrally mounted. We also fabricated a custom 10-valve gas manifold, and ran Polypro tubing to the sensors, so that all sensor calibration could be performed from the control panel.

Work on this system was completed by Illiana's MSA factory-trained technicians.

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