Small Panel Results in Big Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes, it's the simple solutions that make our customers happiest. Take this Honeywell DR4300 panel installation as an example.

The panel here features a DR4300 basic circular chart recorder, mounted in a small Hoffman enclosure. Below the recorder, we mounted a Precision Digital indicator with a programmable alarm point. A switch at the left turns on panel power. The button (center) silences the Federal Signal alarm horn (mounted on top). Our customer requested that we set a button (bottom center) to silence the Federal  Signal alarm horn (mounted on top) without turning off the light. The light turns off when the alarm condition clears.

The system was completely preprogrammed, pre-wired, calibrated and fully tested before shipment. Illiana delivered two identical systems, with professional AUTOCAD drawings to facilitate field installation.

The customer simply had to wire power and his sensor to the back panel terminal strip and begin using his new equipment.

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