MSA Fixed Instrumentation Service Center

Let Illiana's factory-trained technicians maintain your equipment, to protect your personnel and your equipment investment.

Startup Assistance

It all begins with our startup assistance program. Gas detection equipment can be complicated to set up and configure, especially for someone who is not familiar with the instrument's operation. By allowing our technicians to perform your startup, you are assured that your system is fully functional.

We will provide you with the documentation for your records, detailing our startup work. We can also assist with training and system qualification for various inspectors. We can also review existing equipment and alert you to improper installations that may cause unsafe operation or possible equipment damage.

Read more about MSA startup services available through Illiana. (26K .PDF)

Regular Maintenance

Gas detectors need regular maintenance and calibration to keep them in top working condition. Pumped systems, such as the MSA Chillgard line, have filters that need regular changing. If the filters are not changed, dirt can enter the optical bench and lead to expensive repairs. Many systems, like oxygen sensors, have fixed life spans and will require replacement at regular intervals.

Placing your equipment under a routine service agreement is the best way to rest assured that the equipment is being checked and maintained by qualified factory-trained technicians. Service frequency can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Read more about MSA routine maintenance services available through Illiana. (30K .PDF)

Trouble Call Assistance

Occasionally, equipment will be damaged by moisture or physical abuse. Critical equipment will need to be repaired quickly. Contact Illiana, and we'll dispatch a technician to your facility to correct the problems.

Insist on MSA factory-trained technicians to keep your critical equipment
operating properly.

Illiana Instrumentation: Authorized service for calibration and maintenance of MSA fixed instruments

Paul Grolla performs regular maintenance and calibration on an MSA5300 system in a pumping station.

Keep your personnel safe. Let our factory-trained technicians do calibration and maintenance in pumps and other hard-to-reach places.