Illiana Instrumentation is Now A2LA-Accredited to ISO/IEC Guide 17025

Click here to view our A2LA Scope of Accreditation #2230.01As a cost-savings and operational improvement for our customers, Illiana Instrumentation Service has recently completed the accreditation process set forth by ISO/IEC Guide 17025, as performed by the A2LA. 

This assessment should assure our customers that an independent third party has reviewed our technical capabilities. They have found our procedures, standards, and personnel to be up to their stringent standards.

Because Illiana has passed the A2LA accreditation process, it eliminates the need for individual customers to perform costly audits on their own. For those customers that are QS 9000 or TS 16949 approved, Illiana can fulfill all of the requirements set by those standards. Your audits should flow smoothly with Illiana doing your calibration work.

We have proven Illiana to be among the elite calibration labs in the country. This assessment has forced us to take a look at all aspects of our business, ensuring consistent operating procedures, firm standards, and technically trained personnel. It has focused us on areas for improvement and expansion. This includes purchases of new equipment as well as ongoing training for our personnel. We plan to continue to grow with our customers and provide the best calibration services possible.

Our Scope of Accreditation

Currently Illiana is accredited to calibrate the following major parameters: DC voltage, DC Current, AC Voltage, AC Current, AC Frequency, Resistance, 11 types of thermocouples, eight types of RTDs, Pressure, Mass, Temperature, Humidity, Viscosity, pH, and Conductivity.

Our scope is currently 10 pages long and covers in-lab as well as on-site calibrations. You may review our entire scope here.

If you require an accredited calibration lab to perform services for you, make sure the work you need done is within the capability and accredited scope of the lab. Always ask for a calibration labís accredited scope before contracting them to do your work.

The Accreditation Process

ISO/IEC Guide 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories is the latest standard to which labs can be accredited. It requires a formal quality system that covers all aspects of our business.

The accreditation required an independent assessment by A2LA of our quality system and technical capabilities. We elected to have our assessment done by A2LA, The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation. A2LA is the most widely recognized accreditation body. The process involved several major steps, including:

  1. A complete review of our written quality system and procedures

  2. A three day on-site visit by an A2LA auditor to review our operations

  3. A demonstration of methods used for every type of calibration we make, both in our lab and on site, witnessed by an A2LA auditor

Continuous Improvement

A calibration lab is only as good as its last audit. As such, we go through a complete ISO audit every two years. This is done to insure that our systems and personnel perform up to the standards.

Additionally, we are required to perform collaborative calibrations on a regular basis for all parameters that we calibrate. This involves having artifacts sent to us from other calibration labs to be measured. Our results must continue to be in agreement with their findings. This proves that our standards, procedures, and personnel are all performing as they should. This entire process is closely monitored by A2LA.

For more information, contact Paul Grolla, Illiana Instrumentation, at 219-942-5588.